Paraguay naitional fitbaw team

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Shirt badge/Association crest
Nickname(s) Los Guaraníes
La Albirroja (White and red)
Association Asociación Paraguaya de Fútbol (APF)
Confederation CONMEBOL (South America)
Heid coach Víctor Genes
Caiptain Justo Villar
Roque Santa Cruz
Maist kaips Paulo da Silva (116)
Tap scorer Roque Santa Cruz (29)
Hame stadium Estadio Defensores del Chaco
First colours
Second colours
FIFA rankin
Current 48 Increase 2 (17 July 2014)
Heichest 8 (March 2001)
Lawest 103 (May 1995)
Elo rankin
Current 34
Heichest 5 (1954)
Lawest 44 (August 1962)
First international
 Paraguay 1–5 Argentinae 
(Asunción, Paraguay; 11 May 1919)
Biggest win
 Paraguay 7–0 Bolivie 
(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 30 April 1949)
 Hong Kong 0–7 Paraguay Paraguay
(Hong Kong; 17 November 2010)
Biggest defeat
 Argentinae 6–0 Paraguay Paraguay
(Santiago, Chile; 20 October 1926)
 Mexico 6–0 Paraguay Paraguay
(Maturín, Venezuela; 8 July 2007)
Warld Cup
Appearances 8 (first in 1930)
Best result Quairter-feenals, 2010
Copa América
Appearances 34 (first in 1921)
Best result Champions, 1953 an 1979

The Paraguay naitional fitbaa team is controlled bi the Paraguayan Fitbaa Association (Asociación Paraguaya de Fútbol) an represents Paraguay in men's internaitional fitbaa competeetions. Paraguay is a member o CONMEBOL. The Albirroja haes qualifeed for aicht FIFA World Cup competeetions (1930, 1950, 1958, 1986, 1998, 2002, 2006 an 2010) an haes reached the seicont roond o the competeetion on fower occasions. A regular participant at the Copa América, Paraguay hae been crouned champions o the competeetion on twa occasions (in 1953 an 1979). Paraguay's heichest FIFA Warld Rankins is 8t (Mairch 2001) an lawest is 103 (Mey 1995), an wis awairdit seicont place wi Best Muive o the Year in 1996. The naitional team's maist successful period wis unner the coachin o Argentine Gerardo Martino, who wis awairdit wi the Sooth American Coach o the Year in 2007 an teuk Paraguay tae the quairter-feenal stages o a FIFA Warld Cup competeetion for the first time in history (in 2010) an tae the feenal o the 2011 Copa América an aw, where Paraguay finished as runners-up.

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  1. Efter 1988, the toornament haes been restrictit tae squads wi nae mair than 3 players ower the age o 23, an these matches are no regardit as pairt o the naitional team's record, nor are caps awairdit.