Parachute Regiment (Unitit Kinrick)

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The Parachute Regiment
Logo of the Parachute Regiment.png
Active 1940 – present
Kintra  Unitit Kinrick
Brainch  Breetish Airmy
Teep Airborne Infantry
Role 1st BattalionSpecial Forces Support
2nt BattalionParachute Infantry
3rd Battalion—Parachute Infantry
4t BattalionAirmy Reserve
Size Four battalions
Pairt o 16 Air Assault Brigade
Special Forces Support Group
Garrison/HQ 1st Battalion—St Athan
2nd Battalion—Colchester
3rd Battalion—Colchester
4th Battalion—Pudsey
Nickname(s) The Paras
Motto(s) "Utrinque Paratus" (Latin)
"Ready for Anything"[1]
Mairch Quick—Ride o the Valkyries
Slaw—Pomp an Circumstance No 4[2]
Mascot(s) Shetland Pony (Pegasus)
Colonel-in-Chief HRH Prince of Wales[3]
Colonel Commandant Lieutenant General Sir John Lorimer KCB DSO MBE [4]
General Anthony Farrar-Hockley GBE KCB DSO MC ADC Gen
General Roland Gibbs GCB CBE DSO MC ADC Gen
General Mike Jackson KCB CBE DSO ADC Gen
General Rupert Smith KCB DSO OBE QGM
Parachute Weengs Wings badge.JPG
Drap zone flashes 150px

The Parachute Regiment is ane o the regiments that maks up the Breetish airmy. It the airborne infantry regiment o the Breetish Airmy. It's trainin is ane o the teuchest in the warld that helps it be kent as an elite fechtin force.

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