Osman I

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Osman I
Sultan o the Ottoman Empire
Sultan Gazi ʻUthmān Han I - السُلطان الغازي عُثمان خان الأوَّل.png
An imagined portrait o Osman I
Reign 17 Januar 1299 – 29 Julie 1326
3 Mey 1281 an 4 September 1299
Predecessor Poseetion established
Successor Orhan
Sultan o the Ottoman Empire
Consort Malhun Hatun
Rabia Bala Hatun
Ryal hoose Hoose o Osman
Faither Ertuğrul
Mither Halime Hatun
Born 1258
Söğüt, Anatolie
Died 9 August, 1326 (aged 68)
Söğüt, Anatolia, Turkey
Releegion Islam

Osman I, Osman Gazi Khan or Othman I El-Gazi (1280 [1] – 1324) Ottoman Turkish, Persian: عثمان بن أرطغرل, Turkis: Osman Gazi‎ or Osman Bey or I.Osman), nicknamed "Kara" for his courage, wis the leader o the Ottoman Turks, an the foonder o the dynasty that established an ruled the Ottoman Empire. The Empire, named efter him, woud prevail as a warld empire [2] for over six centuries.

Osman annoonced the independence o his awn sma kinrick frae the Seljuk Turks in 1299. The wastward drive o the Mongol invasions haed pushed scores o Muslims toward Osman's Anatolian principality, a pouer base that Osman wis quick tae consolidate. As the eastren branch o the Ancient Roman Empire declined, the Ottoman Empire rose tae take its place.

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