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Ertuğrul Ghazi
Leader o the Kayı tribe (pre-Ottoman Empire)
PredecessorSuleyman Shah
SuccessorOsman I
Ahlat, Bitlis Province, Turkey
Dee'd1281 (aged 90)
Söğüt, Bilecik Province, Turkey
Full name
Ertuğrul Ghazi
FaitherSuleyman Shah
MitherHayme Hatun

Ertuğrul (Ottoman Turkish: ارطغرل‎, eften wi the teetle Ghazi) (1191 – 1281) wis the faither o Osman I, the foonder o the Ottoman Empire. He wis the leader o the Kayı clan o the Oghuz Turks. When arrivin in Anatolie frae Merv (Turkmenistan) wi his 400 horsemen tae aid the Seljuks o Rum against the Byzantines,[1] Ertuğrul set off the chain o events that wad ultimately lead tae the foonding o the Ottoman Empire. Lik his son, Osman, an his futur descendants, Ertuğrul is eften referred tae as a Ghazi,[2] a heroic champion fechter for the cause o Islam.

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