Oromo leid

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Afaan Oromo
Spoken natively in Ethiopie, Kenyae, Somalie
Ethnicity Oromos
Native speakers 25 million  (2007)[1]
Leid faimlie
Writin seestem Laitin Qubee,
umwhile an aa
Ethiopic syllabary
Leid codes
ISO 639-1 om
ISO 639-2 orm
ISO 639-3 orminclusive code
Individual codes:
gax – Borana–Arsi–Guji–
Walagaa Oromo

hae – Eastren Oromo
orc – Orma
gaz – Wast Central Oromo
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Oromo (pron. /ˈɒrəm/[2] or /ɔːˈrm/[3][4]) is an Afro-Asiatic leid. It is the maist widely spoken tongue in the faimily's Cushitic branch, an the maist populous leid o Ethiopie. Furms o Oromo are spoken as a first leid bi mair than 20 million Oromo an neighbourin fowks in Ethiopie an pairts o northren Kenyae. Some linguists think o Oromo as a dialect continuum, syne nae aw varieties are mutually intelligible. It is a sociolinguistic leid, consistin o at least fower varieties: Borana–Arsi–Guji Oromo (ISO code gax), Eastren Oromo (an aa cried Qottu) (ISO code hae), Orma (ISO code orc), an Wast Central Oromo (ISO code gaz). Aulder publications eften refer tae the leid as Galla, a term that is considered pejorative an na langer uised. The lingueestic relationships atween some o these Oromo leids hae been explained bi Kebede Hordofa Janko.[5]

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