Orūzgān Province

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Map o Afghanistan wi Oruzgan heichlichtit

Orūzgān or Urōzgān (Pashto: اروزګان‎), an aw spelled Uruzgan or Rōzgān (Pashto: روزګان‎), is ane o the thirty-fower provinces o Afghanistan. It is in the center o the kintra, though the aurie is culturally an tribally linked tae Kandahar in the sooth. Its caipital is Tarin Kowt. On 28 Mairch 2004, the new Daykundi province wis carvit oot o an aurie in the north leavin Oruzgan wi a majority Pashtun population an Daykundi wi a majority o Hazaras. The map at richt shows the provincial bundaries that resultit. But in Mey 2006, Gizab Destrict wis taken back frae Daykundi an re-annexed tae Oruzgan, becomin Oruzgan's saxt destrict.

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