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Opel Automobile GmbH
Private (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung)
FoonditJanuar 21, 1862; 162 years ago (1862-01-21)[1](pp. 5, 8)
FoonderAdam Opel
HeidquartersRüsselsheim, Hesse, Germany
Nummer o locations
11 manufacturin facilities in seiven kintras
Area served
  • Africae
  • Asie
  • Europe (except the Unitit Kinrick)
  • Sooth Americae
[1](pp. 40, 41)
Key fowk
Commercial vehicles
Production ootpit
Decrease 1,057,000 vehicles (2013)[1](p. 37)
  • Vehicle financin
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Increase US$14.886 billion (2011)
  • US$14.884 billion (2010)
Nummer o employees
35,428 (2013)[1](p23)
ParentGeneral Motors (1929-2017)
Groupe PSA[3]
DiveesionsOpel Performance Center[4]
Subsidiaries[5](Exhibit 21)
Footnotes / references

Opel Automobile GmbH[6] is a German automobile company, a subsidiar o French automakker Groupe PSA syne August 2017. Frae 1929 till 2017, Opel wis awned bi American automakker General Motors.

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