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Vauxhall Motors

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Vauxhall Motors
Vauxhall Motors
Leemitit company
  • Alexia Smithand Company (1857)[1]
  • Vauxhall Iron Works (1897)
FoonditLunnon (1857 (1857))[2]
FoonderAlexander Wilson
HeidquartersLuton, Bedfordshire, Ingland
Nummer o locations
Twa manufacturin facilities in Great Breetain
Area served
Unitit Kinrick
Key fowk
Rory Harvey, Chairman & Managin Director[3]
Commercial vehicles
Production ootpit
232,255 (2012 sales)[4]
ServicesVehicle financin
Revenue£3,837 million (2014)[5]
-£48.7 million (2014)[5]
Profit£9.2 million (2014)[5]
AwnerGeneral Motors
Groupe PSA
Nummer o employees
4,029 (2011)
ParentOpel Automobile GmbH
Footnotes / references

Vauxhall Motors (/ˈvɒksɔːl/; a treddin name o Vauxhall Motors Limited)[8] is ane o the auldest established vehicle manufacturers an distribution companies in Great Breetain an haes its heidquarters in Luton, Bedfordshire, Ingland.


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