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Creautit biOtto Jespersen
Settin an uissageinternaitional auxiliary leid
SoorcesRomance an Germanic leids; an aa Occidental an Ido
Leid codes
ISO 639-3nov

Novial [nov- ("new") + IAL, Internaitional Auxiliary Leid] is a constructit internaitional auxiliary leid (IAL) for universal communication atween speakers o different native leids. It wis devised bi Otto Jespersen, a Dans linguist who wis previously involved in the Ido movement, an subsequently in the development o Interlingua.

Its vocabulary is based lairgely on the Germanic an Romance leids an its grammar is influenced bi Inglis.

Novial wis first introduced in Jespersen's beuk An International Language in 1928.[1] It wis updatit in his dictionar Novial Lexike in 1930,[2] an further modifications wur proponed in the 1930s, but the leid acame dormant wi Jespersen's daith in 1943.[3] In the 1990s, wi the revival o interest in constructit leids broucht on bi the Internet, some fowk rediscovered Novial.[3]

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