Niels Henrik Abel

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Niels Henrik Abel
Niels Henrik Abel
Born5 August 1802(1802-08-05)
Nedstrand, Norawa
Dee'd6 Apryle 1829(1829-04-06) (aged 26)
Froland, Norawa
Alma materRyal Frederick Varsity (BA, 1822)
Kent forAbel's binomial theorem
Abelian category
Abelian variety
Abel equation
Abel equation o the first kynd
Abelian extension
Abel function
Abelian group
Abel's identity
Abel's inequality
Abel's irreducibility theorem
Abel–Jacobi cairt
Abel–Plana formula
Abel–Ruffini theorem
Abelian means
Abel's summation formula
Abelian and tauberian theorems
Abel's test
Abel's theorem
Abel transform
Abel transformation
Abelian variety
Abelian variety o CM-teep
Dual abelian variety
Scientific career
Academic advisorsBernt Michael Holmboe

Niels Henrik Abel (Norwegian: [ˈɑːbɛl]; 5 August 1802 – 6 Aprile 1829) wis a Norse mathematician wha made pioneerin contreibutions in a variety o fields. His maist famous single result is the first complete pruif demonstratin the impossibility o solvin the general quintic equation in radicals. This quaisten wis ane o the ootstaundin open problems o his day, an haed been unresolved for 250 years. He wis an aa an innovator in the field o elliptic functions, discoverer o Abelian functions. Despite his achievements, Abel wis lairgely unrecognised during his lifetime; he made his discoveries while livin in poverty an died at the age o 26.