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Nardaran is located in Azerbaijan
Coordinates: 40°33′22″N 50°00′20″E / 40.55611°N 50.00556°E / 40.55611; 50.00556
Kintra Azerbaijan
 • Total8,300
Time zoneUTC+4 (AZT)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+5 (AZT)

Nardaran is a dounset an municipality on the Abşeron Peninsulae in Baku, Azerbaijan. It haes a population o 8,300.

Locatit 25 kilometers northeast o central Baku, it is poleetically pairt o the Baku ceety-subdiveesion an treatit as a suburb. Unlik the rest o the kintra which is staunchly secular an which is considered releegiously progressive, Nardaran is a lone centre o conservative Shia Islam in Azerbaijan.

Nardaran's name come frae Persie: Nar (Pomegranate)نار +Daran (trees) داران"Place wi Pomegranate trees".

The toun is the steid o an early-14t century castle, featurin a roond touer approximately 12.5 meters heich. Durin Soviet rule, the ceety wis kent as a centre growin flouers. Syne Azerbaijan's unthirldom, the economy haes dwindled an the toun is reputit for its caviar poachers[2].

Nardaran is the anerlie place in the whole o Azerbaijan whaur its indwallers are devoutly releegious an conservative, whaur its streets display releegious banners an whaur maist weemen wear chadors in public. The toun is hame tae a madrassah as well as the Rehime Khanim Mosque, a lairge Shia mosque biggit in the late 1990s ower the tomb o Rahima Khanim, the sister o Imam Reza. The nou banned Islamic Pairty o Azerbaijan wis foondit in this toun an its base wis centred thare. Nardaran haes been the steid o strang protests an unrest, notable riots in Juin 2002 ower wha protesters deemed inadequate livin staundarts an anither in Januar 2006 which resultit in the daiths o three fowk[3]. Ironically Nardaran is possibly ane the poorest places in Azerbaijan, while it is sae close tae the richest place in Azerbaijan, Baku.

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