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My Lai Massacre

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Mỹ Lai Massacre
Thảm sát Mỹ Lai
LocationSon My veelage, Sơn Tịnh Destrict o Sooth Vietnam
Coordinates15°10′42″N 108°52′10″E / 15.17833°N 108.86944°E / 15.17833; 108.86944Coordinates: 15°10′42″N 108°52′10″E / 15.17833°N 108.86944°E / 15.17833; 108.86944
DateMairch 16, 1968
TargetMy Lai 4 an My Khe 4 hamlets
Attack teep
Daiths347 accordin tae the Unitit States Airmy (nae includin My Khe killins), ithers estimate mair nor 400 killed an injuries are unkent, Vietnamese govrenment leets 504 killed in tot frae baith My Lai an My Khe
PerpetratorsTask force frae the Unitit States Airmy Americal Diveesion
2LT. William Calley (convictit an then released bi Preses Nixon tae serve hoose arrest for twa years)

The Mỹ Lai Massacre (Vietnamese: thảm sát Mỹ Lai [tʰɐ̃ːm ʂɐ̌ːt mǐˀ lɐːj], [mǐˀlɐːj] ( listen)) wis the Vietnam War mass killin o atween 347 an 504 unairmed ceevilians in Sooth Vietnam on Mairch 16, 1968. It wis committit bi U.S. Airmy sodgers frae Company C, 1st Battalion, 20t Infantry Regiment, 11t Brigade, 23rd (Americal) Infantry Diveesion. Victims includit men, weemen, bairns, an infants. Some o the weemen war gang-raped an thair bouks mutilatit.[1][2] Twinty-sax sodgers war chairged wi creeminal offenses, but anly Lieutenant William Calley Jr., a platoon leader in C Company, wis convictit. Foond guilty o killin 22 villagers, he wis oreeginally gien a life sentence, but served anly three an a hauf years unner hoose arrest.

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