Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

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Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
Atatürk Kemal.jpg
1st Preses o Turkey
In office
29 October 1923 – 10 November 1938
Prime Meenisterİsmet İnönü
Ali Fethi Okyar
Celâl Bayar
Precedit biOffice established
Succeedit biİsmet İnönü
1st Prime Meenister o the Govrenment o the Grand Naitional Assemmly
In office
3 Mey 1920 – 24 Januar 1921
DeputeFevzi Çakmak
Precedit biOffice established
Succeedit biFevzi Çakmak
1st Speaker o the Grand Naitional Assemmly o Turkey
In office
24 Apryle 1920 – 29 October 1923
Precedit biOffice established
Succeedit biAli Fethi Okyar
1st Leader o the Republican Fowk's Pairty
In office
9 September 1923 – 10 November 1938
Precedit biOffice established
Succeedit biİsmet İnönü
Personal details
BornAli Rıza oğlu Mustafa
(Mustafa son o Ali Rıza)

19 Mey 1881 (conventional)
Salonica, Salonica Vilayet, Ottoman Empire
(nou Thessaloniki, Greece)
Dee'd10 November 1938(1938-11-10) (aged 57)
Dolmabahçe Palace, Istanbul, Turkey
Restin placeEthnografie Museum, Ankara (21 November 1938 – 10 November 1953)
Anıtkabir, Ankara (frae 10 November 1953)
Poleetical pairtyRepublican Fowk's Pairty
Ither poleetical
Mitherland an Leeberty
Committee o Union an Progress
Association for the Defence o the Richts o Anatolie an Rumelie (Republican Fowk's Pairty efter 1923)
Spoose(s)Lâtife Uşaklıgil (1923–25)
AwairdsLeet (24 medals)
Militar service
Allegiance Ottoman Empire (1893–1919)
 Turkey (1921–1927)
Service/branch Ottoman Empire Airmy
Turkis Airmy
Commands19t Diveesion
16t Corps
2nt Airmy
7t Airmy
Yildirim Airmy Group
Airmy o the Grand Naitional Assemmly
Freemit timeline

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, born Ali Rıza oğlu Mustafa (19 Mey 1881 (adoptit)10 November, 1938) wis an airmy officer, revolutionary statesman, the foonder o the Republic o Turkey an its first Preses.

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Mustafa Kemal wis born in the Ottoman ceety o Salonika (Turkis: Selânik, modren-day Thessaloniki, Greece) tae Ali Rıza Efendi an Zübeyde Hanım. Mustafa Kemal’s precise birth date isna kent. The Ottoman Empire uised twa calendars: the Hijri calendar an the Rumî calendar. His birth date wis recordit as 1296 athoot designatin whither this is based on the Rumî or Hijri calendar. This date owerlaps dates extendin frae 1880 tae 1881 on the Gregorian calendar.[1] Mustafa Kemal merkit his mither said he wis born in voar, while his sister, Makbule Atadan, statit thair mither said he wis born on a stormy winter nicht. Ataturk acceptit Mey 19, the date that the Turkish War of Independence began on, as his birth day an month in response tae a gestur bi historian Reşit Saffet Atabinen.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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