Mirror of Madness

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Mirror of Madness
Studio album by Norther
Released12 August 2003
RecorditJulie 2002 Astia Studios
GenreMelodic daith metal
LabelFinland Spinefarm
Century Media
ProducerAnssi Kippo
Norther chronology
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(2002)Dreams of Endless War2002
Mirror of Madness
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(2004)Death Unlimited2004

Mirror of Madness is the seicont full-length studio album bi the Finnish melodic daith metal baund Norther, released on 12 August 2003 bi Spinefarm Records. It featurs a cover sang, "Smash" bi the punk rock baund, The Offspring. It an aw includes the "Mirror of Madness" video anerlie for the US. The bonus tracks; "Frozen Sky" an "Smash" cover are anerlie for the Japanese version o the album.

The sang "Unleash Hell", wis released as a single.

Track leetin[eedit | eedit soorce]

1."Blackhearted (M: Ranta, Planman, Lindroos; L: Ranta)"4:19
2."Betrayed (M: Lindroos, Planman; L: Ranta)"4:54
3."Of Darkness and Light (M: Ranta, Lindroos, Planman; L: Planman)"5:06
4."Midnight Walker (M: Ranta, Planman, Lindroos; L: Lindroos, Ranta)"4:45
5."Cry (M: Lindroos, Planman; L: Planman)"4:58
6."Everything is an End (M: Ranta, Lindroos, Planman; L: Koskinen)"4:33
7."Unleash Hell (M: Ranta, Planman; L: Lindroos, Planman, Ranta)"4:15
8."Dead (M: Ranta, Lindroos, Planman; L: Koskinen)"5:27
9."Mirror of Madness (M: Lindroos, Planman, Ranta; L: Lindroos)"4:42
10."Frozen Sky (M: Planman, Ranta)" (Japanese Bonus Track)3:18
11."Smash" (The Offspring Cover) (Japanese Bonus Track)2:40

Credits[eedit | eedit soorce]

Baund members[eedit | eedit soorce]

Production an ither[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Mixed in Januar 2003 at Finnvox Studios bi Mikko Karmila, mastered bi Mika Jussila