Solution 7

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Solution 7
EP (MCD) by Norther
Released30 Mairch 2005
RecorditDecember, 2004 an Januar, 2005 Astia Studios
GenreMelodic daith metal
LabelFinland Spinefarm
ProducerAnssi Kippo
Norther chronology
Death Unlimited
(2004)Death Unlimited2004
Solution 7
Till Death Unites Us
(2006)Till Death Unites Us2006

Solution 7 is the first EP (MCD) bi the Finnish melodic daith metal baund Norther. it was released on 30 Mairch 2005 through Spinefarm Records. The name comes frae the fact that it's an aw Norther's seivent release (if the DVD is coontit). Kride sings clean vocals in each sang, but in HellHole he's anerlie screamin backin vocals.

Track leetin[eedit | eedit soorce]

1."Day Zero"3:11
5."Chasm" (Remix)4:18

Credits[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • The sang; "Chasm" is a remix o the sang that an aw appears on Death Unlimited. The vocals are sung cleanly bi Kride (wi Petri addin grouls durin the chorus).
  • "Chasm (Remix)" wis made wi Mikko Karmila, no Anssi Kippo.
  • Mixed an Mastered at Finnvox Studios in Februar 2005 bi Mikko Karmila an Mika Jussila.
  • Design bi Miikka Tikka.
  • 3D airtist Risto Jankkila.
  • Photos bi Riku Isohella.
  • Clean vocals bi Kride.

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