Michelle Bachelet

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Michelle Bachelet
Preses o Chile
In office
11 Mairch 2014 – 11 Mairch 2018
Precedit biSebastián Piñera
Succeedit biSebastián Piñera
In office
11 Mairch 2006 – 11 Mairch 2010
Precedit biRicardo Lagos
Succeedit biSebastián Piñera
Leader o New Majority
Assumed office
30 Aprile 2013
Precedit biPoseetion established
Executive Director o UN Women
In office
14 September 2010 – 15 Mairch 2013
Precedit biPoseetion established
Succeedit biLakshmi Puri (actin)
Preses pro tempore o the Union o Sooth American Naitions
In office
23 Mey 2008 – 10 August 2009
Precedit biPoseetion established
Succeedit biRafael Correa
Meenister o Naitional Defense
In office
7 Januar 2002 – 1 October 2004
PresesRicardo Lagos
Precedit biMario Fernández
Succeedit biJaime Ravinet
Meenister o Health
In office
11 Mairch 2000 – 7 Januar 2002
PresesRicardo Lagos
Precedit biÁlex Figueroa
Succeedit biOsvaldo Artaza
Personal details
BornVerónica Michelle Bachelet Jeria
(1951-09-29) 29 September 1951 (age 72)
Santiago, Chile
Poleetical pairtySocialist Pairty
Spoose(s)Jorge Leopoldo Dávalos Cartes (separated)
ResidenceSantiago, Chile
Alma materVarsity o Chile
ReligionNone (Agnosticism)
WabsteidOfficial website

Verónica Michelle Bachelet Jeria (Spaingie pronunciation: [βeˈɾonika miˈʃɛl baʃˈle ˈçeɾja]; born September 29, 1951) is the Preses o Chile. She is a Chilean politeecian who served as Preses o Chile frae 2006 tae 2010. She resigned frae UN Weemen in Mairch 2013 tae run for a seicont term as Preses o Chile. On December 15, 2013, Bachelet wan a runaff election, regainin the presidency. She is the first person tae be electit tae a seicont term as Preses syne Arturo Alessandri's third term endit in 1938.

Bachelet wan the 2006 presidential election in a runaff, beatin center-richt candidate an umwhile senator Sebastián Piñera wi 53.5% o the vote.

Bachelet, a physeecian wi studies in militar strategy, served as Health Meenister an Defense Meenister unner her predecessor, Preses Ricardo Lagos. She is a separated mither o three an describes hersel as an agnostic.[1] As well as her native Spainyie, she speaks Inglis, German, Portuguese an French, wi varyin levels o fluency.[2][3]

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