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Rafael Correa
Preses o Ecuador
In office
15 Januar 2007 – 24 Mey 2017
Vice Preses Lenín Moreno
Precedit bi Alfredo Palacio
Succeedit bi Lenín Moreno
President pro tempore o the Union o Sooth American Naitions
In office
10 August 2009 – 26 November 2010
Precedit bi Michelle Bachelet
Succeedit bi Bharrat Jagdeo
Leader o the PAIS Alliance
In office
19 Februar 2006 – 1 Mey 2017
Precedit bi Position established
Succeedit bi Lenin Moreno
Meenister o Finance
In office
20 Aprile 2005 – 8 August 2005
Precedit bi Mauricio Yepez
Succeedit bi Magdalena Barreiro
Personal details
Born (1963-04-06) 6 Aprile 1963 (age 56)
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Poleetical pairty PAIS Alliance
Spoose(s) Anne Malherbe
Bairns Sofía
Anne Dominique
Rafael Miguel
Residence Carondelet Palace (Official)
Quito (Private)
Alma mater Catholic University o Guayaquil
Catholic University o Louvain
University o Illinois, Urbana–Champaign
Profession Economist
Religion Roman Catholicism
Wabsteid Offeecial wabsteid

Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado (born 6 Aprile 1963) is the 56t an maist recent umwhile Preses o Ecuador, haein held that position frae 2007 tae 2017. Follaein his awn poleetical ideology o "Socialism for the 21st Century", he haes focused on implementin socialist reforms in the kintra as a pairt o a social project kent as the "Revolución Ciudadana", which haes seen the implementation o a new constitution, pairticipatory democracy an the naitionalisation o several key industries.