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Michel Kilo
ميشيل كيلو
Born 1940
Latakia, Sirie
Naitionality Sirie
Thrift Writer
Kent for Democracy activist,
poleetical preesoner

Michel Kilo (Arabic: ميشيل كيلو‎, born 1940) is a Sirie Christian[1] writer an human richts activist, who haes been cried "ane o Sirie's leadin opposition thinkers."[2]

Career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Kilo wis born in the Sirie Mediterranean coastal ceety o Latakia in 1940.

He studiet journalism in Egyp an Germany. He haes translatit mony poleetical an economics beuks frae German tae Inglis. As a columnist he wrote opinion pieces for twa Arabic papers, the Lebanese daily Annahar an the Lunnon-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi. Recently he wrote several airticles aboot the Sirie uprisin for the As-Safir Lebanese daily newspaper.[3]

Troubles wi the govrenment[eedit | eedit soorce]

Kilo wis first reestit bi the govrenment in the early 1980s,[1] follaeing this reest he muivit tae Fraunce but came back tae Sirie in 1991. Follaein the Damascus Spring muivement, Kilo wis a central figur in the Damascus Declaration o 2005 an cried for "peaceful, gradual," reform "foondit on accord, an based on dialogue an recognition o the ither."[2]

On 12 Mey 2006, the Beirut-Damascus Declaration, cawin for normalisin Lebanese-Sirie relations efter decades o domination bi Sirie o its smawer neebour Lebanon, wis published wi Kilo as ane o its signatories. He wis reestit yet again an a year later wis sentencit tae three years in preeson on chyrges o "o weakenin naitional sentiment an encouragin sectarian strife." On 19 Mey 2009, he wis released efter completin aw o his sentence.[4]

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