Mexican fitbaw league seestem

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The Mexican fitbaw league seestem is the naitional fitbaw competeetion seestem in Mexico. It is organisit bi the Mexican Fitbaa Federation an consists o fower levels - it coud be argued that thare are five levels.

  1. Liga MX (18 clubs)
  2. Ascenso MX (14 clubs)
  3. Segunda División de México: Liga Premier de Ascenso (28 clubs) an Liga de Nuevos Talentos (28 clubs) 56 clubs
  4. Tercera División de México, 214 clubs (14 groups)




Liga MX
18 clubs – 1 relegation


Ascenso MX
14 clubs – 1 promotion, *0 relegation (No Regulation in 2014-15 Season)


Segunda División de México – Liga Premier de Ascenso
28 clubs (in two groups) – 1 promotion, 1 relegation

Segunda División de México – Liga de Nuevos Talentos
28 clubs (in two groups) – 1 relegation


Tercera División de México
211 clubs (in 14 groups) – 2 promotions

Liga MX[eedit | eedit soorce]

Liga MX, kent as the Primera División (First Diveesion) afore the 2012–13 saison, is the heichest level o Mexican fitbaw an consists o 18 clubs. Each calendar year is split inta twa short toornaments, the Apertura (Openin) an the Clausura (Closin). In each short toornament a club plays the ither 17 clubs ance. The hame team switches, dependin on the current short toornament.

A new champion is crouned for each short toornament throu a playaff seestem consistin o aicht teams. The top aicht clubs qualifee tae the playaffs. The clubs are arrangit afore each roond so that the heichest seeded team remainin aye plays the lawest seed remainin. The clubs play in a twa-leggit tee, wi ane match occurrin at each club's hame grund, an whichiver club haes the better aggregate score advances. If the twa clubs are tee'd efter baith legs in the quairterfeenals an semifeenals, the heicher seed advances automatically. In the feenals, if the twa clubs are tee'd efter baith legs twa 15 minute halves o extra time are addit. If the clubs are still tee'd efter extra time the champion is determined bi kicks frae the penalty mark.

Ane club is relegatit tae Ascenso MX each year (twa short toornaments). Tae determine the club tae be relegatit, the ratio o points tae gemmes is kept for each team. The club that haes the worst points tae gemmes ratio ower the previous three years (sax short toornaments) is relegatit tae Ascenso MX.

International competeetions[eedit | eedit soorce]

The champions an runners-up o the Apertura an Clausura toornaments earn a spot in the CONCACAF Champions League. In addeetion, clubs o Liga MX are inivitit tae pairticipate in CONMEBOL's club toornament, Copa Libertadores. Atween 2005 an 2008, 2 Mexican teams wur invitit tae pairticipate in the Copa Sudamericana. Beginnin in Apertura 2014, twa Mexican clubs that qualifee tae the Copa Libertadores are the best eligible teams in Apertura toornament no pairticipatin in the CONCACAF Champions League an ane Mexican club that qualifee tae the Copa Libertadores are the champions o SuperCopa MX. Mexico 1 an 2 enter directly tae the Seicont Stage o the Copa Libertadores while Mexico 3 hae tae play the First Stage.

Weemen's Fitbaa League (Liga Mexicana de Fútbol Femenil)[eedit | eedit soorce]

Established in 2007, the weemen's league consists o twa levels – the top diveesion Super Liga an the lawer diveesion Liga Premier. As o Apertura 2012, thare wur 19 clubs pairticipatin in the Super Liga an 11 clubs in Liga Premier.




Super Liga
19 clubs


Liga Premier
11 clubs

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