Ascenso MX

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Ascenso MX
Kintra Mexico
Foondit 1994
Nummer o teams 14
Levels on pyramid 2
Promotion tae Liga MX
Relegation tae Segunda División
Domestic cup(s) Copa MX
Current champions Tecos (1st Title)
(Clausura 2014)
Maist championships León
(4 titles)
TV partners TVC Deportes
AYM Sports
TV Azteca
SKY México
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Ascenso MX (Promotion MX) is the seicont profeesional level o the Mexican fitball league seestem.[1] The champion o the competeetion is promotit tae Liga MX (top-flicht diveesion). The bottom team gets relegatit tae Segunda División de México (the third tier).

Umwhile kent as Primera División A (First Diveesion A) the league chyngit its name an competeetion format in 2009 tae Liga de Ascenso. It wis rebuistit as Ascenso MX in 2012. The main chynges are that clubs nou disna need a FMF certification tae get promotit an that the competeetion disna uise group stages.

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