Medellín, Veracruz

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Medellín is a municipality in Veracruz, Mexico. It is locatit in central zone o the State o Veracruz, aboot 100 km frae state caipital Xalapa. It haes a surface o 370.14 km2. The municipality o Medellín is delimitit tae the north bi Veracruz, tae the north-east bi Boca del Río, tae the east bi Alvarado, tae the sooth bi Tlalixcoyan an tae the wast bi Jamapa.[1] It produces principally maize, beans, green chile, rice, watermelon, mango an pineapple. In Medellín, in September takes place the celebration in honour tae San Miguel Arcangel, Patron o the toun. The wather in Medellín is wairm aw year wi rains in Simmer an Hairst.

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