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Chacaltianguis is a municipality in Veracruz, Mexico. It is locatit in the sooth o the state. It haes a surface o 557.69 km2. It is locatit at 18°18′N 95°50′W / 18.300°N 95.833°W / 18.300; -95.833.

The municipality o Chacaltianguis is delimitit tae the north bi Cosamaloapan, tae the east an sooth-east bi José Azueta, tae the wast bi Tuxtilla, an tae the sooth-wast bi Oaxaca.[1]

It produces principally maize an beans.

In Chacaltianguis, in Mey taks place the celebration o Mango festival, this is the main festivity o the toun.

The wather in Chacaltianguis is wairm aw year wi rains in simmer.

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