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Matagalpa Depairtment

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Departamento de Matagalpa
Kintra Nicaragua
Caipital Matagalpa
Area 8,523 km2 (3,291 sq mi)
Population 484,900 (2005)
ISO 3166-2 NI-MT

Matagalpa is a depairtment or region in central Nicaragua. It covers an aurie o 8,523 km² an haes a population o 644,900 (2010 est). The caipital is the ceety o Matagalpa wi aboot 250.000.

Matagalpa is the seicont region o the kintra in population size, an the fowert in aurie (efter the North Atlantic, the Sooth Atlantic, an Jinotega.

Matagalpa is the maist diversified region producin coffee, cattle, milk products, vegetables, firth, gowd, flouers. Its extensive forests, rivers an geography are suitit for ecotourism.

Municipalities[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Ciudad Darío
  2. Esquipulas
  3. Matagalpa
  4. Matiguas
  5. Muy Muy
  6. Rancho Grande
  7. Río Blanco
  8. San Dionisio
  9. San Isidro
  10. San Ramón
  11. Sébaco
  12. Terrabona
  13. Tuma-La Dalia

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