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Masis, Armenie

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For the nearbi veelage cried Masis, see Masis (veelage).
Masis is located in Armenie
Coordinates: 40°00′50″N 44°29′09″E / 40.01389°N 44.48583°E / 40.01389; 44.48583
Kintra Armenie
 • Total16.2 km2 (6.3 sq mi)
854 m (2,802 ft)
 • Total22,517
 • Density1,400/km2 (3,600/sq mi)
Area code(s)+374(236)

Masis (Armenie: Մասիս), incorporatin the umwhile veelages o Narimanlu, Zangibasar, an Ulukhanlu, is a toun in Armenie in Ararat Province (marz), locatit on the left bank o the Hrazdan River, 14 km sooth o Yerevan. The ceety haes a lairge railwey commodity station that serves Yerevan an which wis, till the closin o the border wi Azerbaijan, o internaitional significance. The population is 21,376 fowk (accordin tae a 2001 census). The toun is ane o the closest tae Munt Ararat an Little Ararat. The muntains are visible frae maist auries o the ceety.

Masis lees atween Yerevan an the auncient historic ceety o Artashat. It's aboot 8 mile sooth wast o Yerevan towards Munt Ararat. It haes a ceety centre an a mercatplace. A total nummer o approximately 70 5-story biggins, each wi 40—60 apairtments. It haes a nummer o veelages stretchin up tae the Aras River borderin Turkey an aw. At nichts ane can see the Kurdish veelage lichts on Munt Ararat an its muntain ridges. It haes 4 saisonal weathers, wi vera hot (tho short) simmers an vera cauld winters.

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