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Marie Myriam in March 2007
Photo: Julien Reynaud

Marie Myriam (born Myriam Lopes, Mey 8, 1957, Luluabourg/Kananga, Belgian Congo, nou Democratic Republic o the Congo)[1] is a French sangster o Portuguese oreegins. She haes a dochter Laureen born in 1982 an a son Richard, born in 1990, assistant director an photographer[2].

Representin Fraunce, she wan the Eurovision Song Contest in 1977 wi L'oiseau et l'enfant ("The bird an the bairn") wi muisic bi Jean Paul Cara an wirds bi Joe Gracy. The single reached #42 in the UK Singles Chart in Juin 1977.[3] In 1981, Myriam representit Fraunce in the Yamaha Music Festival wi the sang "Sentimentale" an aw; she came in nint place. In recent years, she haes read oot the votes o the French Jury at the Eurovision Song Contest.

She made an appearance at the 50t anniversary concert in Copenhagen, Denmark, October 2005 as a guest presenter an performer. The same year, Myriam wrote the introduction tae the French edition o The Eurovision Song Contest – The Official History bi John Kennedy O'Connor.[4]

Myriam wis marriet tae muisic producer Michel Elmosnino frae the late 1970s till his daith at age 67 on 20 Dizember 2013.[5]

Discografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Some o Marie Myriam singles an tracks:

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