Marie Madeleine de Rochechouart

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Marie Madeleine de Rochechouart
Abbess o Fontevraud
Marie Madeleine de Rochechouart bi an anonymous artist.
Full name
Marie Madeleine Gabrielle Adélaïde de Rochechouart
Dee'd15 August 1704 (aged 59)
Noble faimilyRochechouart
FaitherGabriel de Rochechouart
MitherDiane de Grandseigne
Thriftnoblewoman, nun, translator

Marie Madeleine de Rochechouart (Marie Madeleine Gabrielle Adélaïde; 1645 – 15 August 1704) wis a french noblewoman. She wis the youngest sister o Madame de Montespan as well as the Marshal-Duke o Vivonne. Despite having a very good education she turned tae literature in her infancy she devoted hersel tae studying philosophy and languages living an dead. having been presented tae Queen Marie Thérèse (wife o Louis XIV o Fraunce) was greatly impressed at her intelligence but Marie Madeleine would take the veil in 1664 at the of Saint Evroult Notre Dame du Bois. However in August o 1670, Keeng Louis XIV created her the Superior General o the Aibey o Fontevraud, with the title o Abbess as a result. She wis buried at the Aibey o Fontevraud.

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