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Hoose o Rochechouart

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Maison de Rochechouart
French Noble faimilie
Heraldique blason de rochechouart
Motto: "The Spirit surpass the Matter"
(French: L'Esprit surpasse la Matière)
Kintra France
EstatesChâteau de Rochechouart
Château de Jumilhac
Hôtel de Rochechouart (formerly)
Parent hooseHoose o Limoges
Foondit980; 1044 years ago (980)
FoonderAimery I, Viscoont o Rochechouart
Current heidAimery, Marquis o Rochechouart
Charles Emmanuel, 16t Duke o Mortemart

The Hoose o Rochechouart is the oldest noble faimlie in Fraunce. It is named after the toun o Rochechouart. The 1st Duke o Mortemart wis a friend o Louis XIII o Fraunce an wis creatit a Duke in 1663, his dochter, Madame de Montespan, wis later the famous mistress o Louis XIV o Fraunce. Madame de Montespan wis an ancestor o Keeng Louis Philippe I o the French as well as the present King Felipe VI o Spain an Bourbons o the Twa Sicilies as well as several pretenders tae European thrones.