Luton Town F.C.

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Luton Town
Full nameLuton Town Football Club
Nickname(s)The Hatters
Foondit11 Apryle 1885; 138 years ago (1885-04-11)
GroundKenilworth Road
Ground Capacity10,356[1][2]
AwnerLuton Town Football Club 2020 Ltd[3]
ChairmanDavid Wilkinson
ManagerRob Edwards
LeaguePremier League
2022–23Championship, 3rd o 24 (promotit via play-affs)
WabsteidClub wabsteid
Current saison

Luton Town Football Club (/ˈltən/) is a professional fitba club based in Luton, Bedfordshire, Ingland, that plays in the Premier League, the first division o Inglis fitba. Foondit in 1885, thay are nicknamed The Hatters acause o the historical association o the toun wi the hat making trade an haev played hame gemmes at Kenilworth Road syne 1905. The club's history haes ane major trophy win, financial crises, an promotions and relegations. Atween 1982 an 1992, thay wur a memmer o the First Division; thay won their first major honour, the Football League Cup, in 1988. Luton Town haev a lang-staundin rivalry wi neeburin club Watford.

Luton Town wis the first in soothairt England til be professional. It wud jine the Fitba League afore the 1897–98 saison, left in 1900 acause o problems wi finance, and rejined in 1920. Luton went on til the First Division in 1955–56 an contestit a major feinal fur the first time against Nottingham Forest in the 1959 FA Cup Feinal. The team wi relegatit fae the tap division in 1959–60, an relegatit twa time in aroon five years time, playin in the Fourth Division fae the 1965–66 saison, afore thay wur promotit back til the tap tire in 1974–75.

In 1981–82, the club won the Second Division an wud haev promotion to the First. Luton defeatit Arsenal 3–2 in the 1988 Football League Cup Final an wis in the First Division until relegation at the end o the 1991–92 saison. Aroon 2007 an 2009, financial difficulties wud mak the club relegate fae the seicont tier o Inglis fitba til the fifth in a matter o saisons. The last o the relegations, in the 2008–09 saison, follaed a 30-point deduction fur financial irregularities. Luton spent five seasons in non-League fitba afore winnin the Conference Premier in 2013–14, promuivin back intil the Football League. Luton wur promotit fae League Two an League One in saisons in 2017–18 an 2018–19 afore bein promotit til the Premier League in the 2022–23 EFL Championship play-off final.

Luton Town is the first fitba team til gang to the top tier of English football efter relegations doun til the fifth division o Inglis fitba.

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