Lombard leid

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lombard, lumbard, lumbart, lombart
Native tae



Native speakers
3.8 million (2002)[5]
Early forms
Leid codes
ISO 639-3lmo
Linguasphere51-AAA-oc & 51-AAA-od
Lombard language distribution in Europe:
  Areas where Lombard is spoak
  Areas where Lombard is spoak alang wi ither leids (Alemannic, Ladin and Romansh) an areas o linguistic transition (wi Piedmontese, wi Emilian an wi Venetian)
  Areas o influence o Lombard (Tridentine dialeck)
? Areas o uncertain diffusion o Ladin
Lombard is classified as Definitely Endangered bi the UNESCO Atlas o the Warld's Leids i Danger
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Lombard (Lombard: lombard, lumbart, lombart, lumbard, based on the orthography) is a Gallo-Italic leid that is spoak i Lombardy, Piemont, Sooth Tyrol, an Trentino i Italy, Grisons an Ticino i Swisserland, an Santa Catarina i Brazil. Lombard is descendit fae Auld Lombard, that wis spoak fae the 13t tae 14t yeirhunner. Lombard haes 3.8 million spikkers, shawn i a report fae 2002.

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