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Llansanffraid-ym-Mechain is a veelage in Powys, Mid-Wales, close tae the border wi Shropshire, aboot 5 miles soothwast o Oswestry.

Llansanffraid means "Kirk o St Bridget" in the Welsh leid an ym-Mechain refers tae its location in the medieval cantref o Mechain.

The local fitbaa team, previously kent as Total Network Solutions F.C., wan the League o Wales in the 2004-05 saison, the first title syne chyngin the name frae Llansantffraid FC. Follaein the takeower o its sponsors, the team wis renamed The New Saints F.C. for the 2006-07 saison. The New Saints nae langer play their fitbaa matches in Llansantffraid, but in "Park Hall", a veelage in Shropshire, 2 miles east o Oswestry. A new veelage team haes been formed wi local players an they have haed great success in their 1st saison playin in the local league.