Libie Airmed Forces

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Militar o Libie
Current furm2016
Service branches Libie Airmy
 Libie Navy
 Libie Air Force
Commander-in-ChiefFayez al-Sarraj
Minister of DefenseFayez al-Sarraj
Chief of DefenseLt. Gen. Mohammed al-Shareef
Militar age18 (2012)[1]
Active personnelUnkent
Foreign suppliersHistoric:
 Unitit Kinrick
 Unitit States
 Soviet Union

The Libie Airmed Forces is the state organisation responsible for the defence o Libie. Currently, syne the stairt of the Seicont Libie Ceevil War in 2014, it haes been led bi the internaitionally recognisit Govrenment o Naitional Accord (GNA) in Tripoli, but remains heichly dividit. The GNA haes grund, air, naval, an coast gaird forces unner its command.[2] In effect, anelie the Libie Navy is fully unner the GNA Presidential Cooncil's command, while the airmy conseest of disorganised and undisciplined militia groups and the air force is split up amang multiple factions, includin the Libie Naitional Airmy (LNA) of the rival govrenment in Tobruk.[3][4]

Prime Meenister Fayez al-Sarraj, the heid o the unity govrenment, is the supreme commander o the airmed forces.[5] The militar is unner the authority of the GNA Meenistry of Defence, formerly led bi Colonel Al-Mahdi Al-Barghathi frae 2016[6] tae 2018, at which pynt Sarraj tuik ower as defence meenister.[7]

The oreeginal airmy unner the Libie monarchy o Keeng Idris I wis trained bi the Unitit Kinrick an the Unitit States. Syne Muammar Gaddafi rose tae pouer in 1969, Libie receivit militar assistance frae the Soviet Union. The Libie militar haes fought in seiveral wars, includin the Libie–Egyptian War (1977) an the Chadian–Libie conflict (1978–1987). Syne the 2011 ceevil war an the faw o Gaddafi, the airmed forces haeve remainit fragmentit amang the various competing poleetical factions in the kintra.

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