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Ville de Laval
Laval City Hall (edited).jpg
Banner o Laval
Coat o airms o Laval
Coat o airms
Motto(s): "Unité, progrès, grandeur"  (French)
"Unity, Progress, Greatness"
City of Laval
City of Laval
Laval is locatit in Quebec
Coordinates (1, place du Souvenir[1]): 45°35′N 73°45′W / 45.583°N 73.750°W / 45.583; -73.750[2]
Kintra  Canadae
Province  Quebec
Region Laval
RCM Nane
Constitutit 6 August 1965
 • Teep Laval City Council
 • Mayor Alexandre Duplessis
 • Federal riding Alfred-Pellan an Laval and Laval—Les Îles and Marc-Aurèle-Fortin
 • Prov. riding Chomedey an Fabre an Laval-des-Rapides an Mille-Îles an Sainte-Rose an Vimont
 • Total 267.20 km2 (103.17 sq mi)
 • Laund 247.09 km2 (95.40 sq mi)
Elevation 91 m (299 ft)
Population (2011)[3]
 • Tot 401,553
 • Density 1,625.1/km2 (4,209/sq mi)
 • Chynge (2006–11) Increase8.9%
 • Dwellins 159,509
Demonym(s) Lavallois(es)[4]
Time zone EST (UTC−5)
 • Simmer (DST) EDT (UTC−4)
Postal code(s) H7A tae H7Y
Aurie code(s) 450 an 579

Laval (French pronunciation: ​[laval]) is a Canadian ceety locatit in soothwastren Quebec, north o Montreal. It is the lairgest suburb o Montreal, the third lairgest municipality in the province o Quebec, an the thirteent lairgest ceety in Canadae wi a population o 401,553 in 2011.[3]

Laval is geographically separatit frae the mainland tae the north bi the Rivière des Mille Îles, an frae the Island o Montreal tae the sooth bi the Rivière des Prairies. Laval occupees aw o Île Jésus as well as the Îles Laval.

Laval constitutes region 13 o the 17 admeenistrative regions o Quebec as well as a territory equivalent tae a regional coonty municipality (TE) an census diveesion (CD) wi geographical code 65. It constitutes the judicial destrict o Laval an aw.[5]

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