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Mauricie (French pronunciation: ​[mɔʁisi]) is a traditional an current admeenistrative region o Quebec. La Mauricie National Park is contained athin the region, makkin it a prime tourist location. The region haes a land aurie o 35,855.22 km² (13,843.78 sq mi) and a 2006 census population o 258,928 residents. Its lairgest ceeties are Trois-Rivières an Shawinigan.

The wird Mauricie wis coined bi local priest an historian Albert Tessier an is based on the Saint-Maurice river which runs through the region on a North-Sooth axis.

Mauricie admeenistrative region wis creatit on 20 August 1997 frae the split o Mauricie–Bois-Francs admeenistrative region intae Mauricie an Centre-du-Québec.[1] Housomeivver, the concept o Mauricie as a traditional region lang predates this.


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Regional Coonty Municipalities

Unthirlt ceeties

Unthirlt Municipalities

Aboriginal Reserves

Major Commonties

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