Las Colonias Depairtment

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Las Colonias Depairtment
Location o Las Colonias Depairtment athin Santa Fe Province
Location o Las Colonias Depairtment athin Santa Fe Province
Coordinates: 31°25′S 60°56′W / 31.417°S 60.933°W / -31.417; -60.933Coordinates: 31°25′S 60°56′W / 31.417°S 60.933°W / -31.417; -60.933
Kintra Argentinae
ProvinceSanta Fe
Heid tounEsperanza
 • Total6439 km2 (2,486 sq mi)
 • Total95,202
 • Density15/km2 (38/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-3 (ART)

The Las Colonias Depairtment (Spaingie: Departamento Las Colonias) is a admeenistrative subdiveesion (departamento) o the province o Santa Fe, Argentinae. It is locatit in the centre o the province. Starting from the east and going clockwise, it limits wi the departments of La Capital, San Jerónimo, San Martín, Castellanos, San Cristóbal, an San Justo. Las Colonias is thus ane o anerly three provincial depairtments that dae no share a border wi anither province.

The depairtment haes aboot 95,000 inhabitants, which are distributit in 37 destricts (maistly smaw municipalities an communes). The heid toun is Esperanza (population 36,000). Ither ceeties an touns are Colonia Cavour, Colonia San José, Cululú, Elisa, Empalme San Carlos, Felicia, Franck, Grutly, Hipatía, Humboldt, Ituzaingó, Jacinto L. Aráuz, La Pelada, Las Tunas, María Luisa, Matilde, Nuevo Torino, Pilar, Progreso, Providencia, Pujato Norte, Rivadavia, Sa Pereira, San Agustín, San Carlos Centro, San Carlos Norte, San Carlos Sud, San Jerónimo del Sauce, San Jerónimo Norte, San Mariano, Santa Clara de Buena Vista, Santa María Centro, Santa María Norte, Santo Domingo, Sarmiento, an Soutomayor.

The name o this depairtment (which means "The Colonies") derives frae the fact that it wis settled maistly bi immigrant faimilies unner the seestem o agricultural colonies, o which Esperanza wis the first formally organisit in Argentinae.

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