Iriondo Depairtment

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Iriondo Depairtment
Location o Iriondo Depairtment athin Santa Fe Province
Location o Iriondo Depairtment athin Santa Fe Province
Coordinates: 32°49′S 61°24′W / 32.817°S 61.400°W / -32.817; -61.400Coordinates: 32°49′S 61°24′W / 32.817°S 61.400°W / -32.817; -61.400
Kintra Argentinae
ProvinceSanta Fe
Heid tounCañada de Gómez
 • Total3184 km2 (1,229 sq mi)
 • Total65,486
 • Density21/km2 (53/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-3 (ART)

The Iriondo Depairtment (Spaingie: Departamento Iriondo) is a admeenistrative subdiveesion (departamento) o the province o Santa Fe, Argentinae. It is located in the sooth o the province. It limits wi the departments of San Jerónimo in the north, San Lorenzo in the east, Caseros in the sooth, an Belgrano in the wast. It is ane o anerly three depairtments in Santa Fe that dae no border anither province.

The department haes a population o ower 65,000 inhabitants. Its heid toun an maist populatit urban centre is Cañada de Gómez (population 30,000). Ither ceeties an touns are Bustinza, Carrizales, Classon, Correa, Lucio V. López, Oliveros, Pueblo Andino, Salto Grande, Serodino, Totoras, and Villa Eloísa.

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