Vera Depairtment

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Vera Depairtment
Location o Vera Depairtment athin Santa Fe Province
Location o Vera Depairtment athin Santa Fe Province
Coordinates: 29°28′S 60°13′W / 29.467°S 60.217°W / -29.467; -60.217Coordinates: 29°28′S 60°13′W / 29.467°S 60.217°W / -29.467; -60.217
Kintra Argentinae
ProvinceSanta Fe
Heid tounVera
 • Total21096 km2 (8,145 sq mi)
 • Total51,303
 • Density2.4/km2 (6.3/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-3 (ART)

The Vera Depairtment (Spaingie: Departamento Vera) is an admeenistrative subdiveesion (departamento) o the province o Santa Fe, Argentinae. It is locatit in the center-north o the province. It limits Chaco Province tae the north, an the depairtments o General Obligado (east), San Javier (south-east), San Justo (south), San Cristóbal (sooth-wast), an Nueve de Julio (wast).

The Vera Depairtment is the lairgest depairtment in Santa Fe but ane o the least densely populatit, as is true in the north o the province as a whole. It haes ower 51,000 inhabitants. Its heid toun is Vera (population 20,000). Ither ceeties an touns are Calchaquí, Cañada Ombú, Fortín Olmos, Garabato, Golondrina, Intiyaco, La Gallareta, Los Amores, Margarita, Tartagal, and Toba.

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