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La Rinconada, Peru

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La Rinconada
La Rinconada is located in Peru
La Rinconada
La Rinconada
Coordinates: 14°37′57″S 69°26′45″W / 14.63250°S 69.44583°W / -14.63250; -69.44583
Kintra Peru
ProvinceSan Antonio de Putina
5100 m (16,700 ft)
 • Total50,000

La Rinconada is a ceety in the Peruvian Andes locatit near a gowd mine.[1] It is considered the heichest ceety in the warld.


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The ceety is locatit in the Ananea Destrict, San Antonio de Putina Province. It lies at a heicht o 5,100m (16,732.28 feet) abuin sea level. Near La Rinconada there is the Laguna La Rinconada


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The population haes grown frae the year 2001 tae 2009 by 235% tae 30,000 inhabitants.[2]

Economy an Infrastructure

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The economy is mainly based on the production o gowd in the nearbi mine.

Mony miners wirk at the gowd mine awned bi Corporación Ananea. Unner the cachorreo seestem they wirk for 30 days athoot payment. On the 31st day they are alloued tae take wi them as muckle ore as they can carry on their shoulders.[2] Whether the ore contains ony gowd or no is a matter o luck.

Environmental Problems

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The ceety haes nae plumbin an nae sanitation seestem.[2] Besides haein nae sewage seestem there is significant contamination wi mercury due tae the minin practices. Local miners will refine the ore bi grindin an treatin it wi mercury an pressin the mass through a cloth tae filter it. The resultin amalgam is heatit tae remove the mercury.


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