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La Maternitat i Sant Ramon

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Camp Nou.

La Maternitat i Sant Ramon is a neebourheid in the les Corts destrict o Barcelona, Catalonie (Spain), the wastmaist aurie o the destrict, distinctly mair wirkin cless than its neebours Pedralbes an Les Corts an similar tae the neebourin L'Hospitalet de Llobregat an Sants an aw. It wis pairt o the umwhile unthirlt municipality o Les Corts, kent as les Corts de Sarrià an aw. Its name stems frae the 19t hunderyear maternity hoose kent as La Maternitat, in Travessera de Les Corts, designed bi Camil Oliveres i Gensana an which includes a lairge garden.[1] It's made up o residential auries tae the wast such as Sant Ramon proper an the Torre Melina biggins, an the build-up auries o La Maternitat an Can Bacardí tae the east.[2] Centre Cívic Riera Blanca is this neebourheid's commonty centre.[3]

Maist o the facilities o FC Barcelona, includin its famous stadium Camp Nou, are locatit in this neighbourhood.

The Malian-Spainyie fitbawer Adama Traoré wis born here.

Transport[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Barcelona Metro stations Les Corts an Zona Universitària, on L3, are baith nearbi. Camp Nou, a L9 station still unner construction, will serve the neebourheid. On the ither haund, Trambaix station Can Ramon links it wi the Baix Llobregat municipalities tae the wast an inner-ceety Barcelona tae the east.

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Coordinates: 41°23′3.63″N 2°7′19.94″E / 41.3843417°N 2.1222056°E / 41.3843417; 2.1222056