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Creu de Pedralbes in Pedralbes avenue

Pedralbes (Catalan pronunciation: [pəˈðɾaɫβəs], Auld Catalan for white stanes) is a neebourheid in Les Corts destrict o Barcelona, Catalonie (Spain). Afore the admeenistrative diveesion o 1984, the neebourheid wis pairt o Sarrià an the umwhile municipality o Sant Vicenç de Sarrià.

Pedralbes wis the hame o the Infanta Cristina o Spain frae 2004 tae 2013. [1]


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Coordinates: 41°23′41″N 2°6′47″E / 41.39472°N 2.11306°E / 41.39472; 2.11306