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Kvutzat Yavne

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Kvutzat Yavne

קְבוּצַת יַבְנֶה
Kvutzat Yavne is located in Israel
Kvutzat Yavne
Kvutzat Yavne
Coordinates: 31°48′55.08″N 34°43′13.43″E / 31.8153000°N 34.7203972°E / 31.8153000; 34.7203972Coordinates: 31°48′55.08″N 34°43′13.43″E / 31.8153000°N 34.7203972°E / 31.8153000; 34.7203972
CooncilHevel Yavne
AffiliationReleegious Kibbutz Muivement
Foondit biGerman immigrants

Kvutzat Yavne (Hebrew: קְבוּצַת יַבְנֶה‬) is a releegious kibbutz in the Center Destrict o Israel. Locatit in the coastal plain juist east o Ashdod, it faws unner the jurisdiction o Hevel Yavne Regional Cooncil. In 2007 it haed a population o 1,100.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The idea o Kvutzat Yavne wis conceived in Germany. The intention o the foonders wis tae mak the aurie near auncient Yavne (frae which it takes its name) the steid o a releegious kibbutz an a yeshiva. Thir foonders, members o the Releegious Zionist muivement, began tae prepare thairsels for agricultural wirk on German ferms in 1929. Shortly thereefter, thay immigratit tae Mandate Palestine. Thay initially settled near Petah Tikva on land purchased bi a Jewish-awned German company. Feenally, in 1941, the 180-person group o German Zionists, began tae big Kvutzat Yavne at its intendit location. The kibbutz continued tae grow, jynt bi German, American, an Sabras. It came tae be kent as the cradle o the Releegious Kibbutz Muivement, wi which the kibbutz is associatit.

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

Maist o Yavne's agricultural production is in field crops, fruit orcharts, poutrie, an dairy, aw contained athin approximately 1,500 acres (6.1 km2) o land. Major industry locatit on the kibbutz includes olive an cucumber processin plants, the Adi watch factory[2], an the lairgest chicken hatchery in the kintra (dispatchin 600,000 chicks per day). It is an aa the location o Yeshivat Kerem B'Yavneh, the first Hesder Yeshiva. The kibbutz runs a Jewish studies program that prepares candidates for conversion tae Judaism. Thare is an aa an Ebreu ulpan for baith Jewish students an Gerim.[3]

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