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Karin Giannone

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Karin Giannone
BornKarin Giannone
(1974-01-02) 2 Januar 1974 (age 50)
Johannesburg, Sooth Africae
EddicationCambridge University
ThriftJurnalist, Televeesion Presenter
Notable credit(s)Editor o Varsity
Anglia Television
Football Italia
Sky News
BBC World News

Karin Giannone (born in 1974 in Johannesburg, Sooth Africae) is a Sooth African-born British telly newsreader wirkin in the Unitit Kinrick. She returned frae maternity leave on 6 Februar 2010 an is the Lunnon-based main presenter o the weekend daytime coverage on BBC World News.

Giannone's family muivit frae Johannesburg tae the Unitit Kinrick when she wis agit twa. She wis raised in Edinburgh, Sussex an Kent. She studiet modren leids at Cambridge University, whaur she graduatit wi a first class honours degree; she speaks French, German an Italian.

She wis the editor o Cambridge University’s "Varsity" student newspaper in 1994-5, which led tae wirk experience at Anglia Television. She joined the regional ITV station on graduation in Norwich as a news trainee in 1997, producin, reportin an presentin for regional news bulletins. In 1999 her leid an broadcastin skills helpit her laund a role as a reporter an presenter for Channel 4’s Football Italia series, whaur she covered the Italian Soccer scene for a saison, fleein atween the UK an Italy ivery week. She returned tae Anglia in 2000 as a presenter an reporter, this time for the programme for the east o the region coverin Norfolk, Suffolk an Essex. She follaeed troops frae the region for a series o reports frae Afghanistan in 2002.

She then muived tae Lunnon tae present a variety o shifts for Sky News, afore joinin BBC News in 2005. Her wirk assignments hae includit a stint presentin World News Today frae Washington at 10pm EST durin Julie/August 2008.

Giannone lives in Lunnon wi her husband Neil. The couple have three childer (son Louis, 23 October 2003; dochters Beatrice, Januar 2006 an Florence, October 2009) [1] Her interests include street dance, horse-ridin, goin tae the gym, scuba divin, travellin, eatin oot (especially Indie fuid) an watchin lots o TV, wi news an documentars her favourite programmes.

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