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Julian Assange

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Julian Assange
Assange in 2014
BornJulian Paul Hawkins
(1971-07-03) 3 Julie 1971 (age 52)
Townsville, Queensland, Australie
Ecuadorian (2018–2019)[1]
  • Eeditor
  • Programmer
Years active1987–present
Kent forFoondin WikiLeaks
TitleDirector[citation needit] an eeditor-in-chief o WikiLeaks (till September 2018); publisher (syne September 2018)[2]
Poleetical pairty
Criminal statusSentenced tae guid behaviour bond an reparations in 1996 for hackin offences. Sentenced tae 50 weeks in preeson, on 1 Mey 2019, for breachin bail.[3]
Hauf-marrae(s)Teresa Doe (m. 1989; div. 1999)
Pairtner(s)Sarah Harrison

Julian Paul Assange (/əˈsɑːnʒ/ ə-SAHNZH;[5][6] born 3 Julie 1971) is an Australian editor, activist, publisher an jurnalist.[7][8] He is kent as the editor-in-chief an foonder o WikiLeaks, which publishes submissions o secret information,[9] news leaks[10] an classifee'd media frae anonymous news soorces[11] an whistleblowers.[12]

Assange wis a hacker as a teenager, then a computer programmer afore becomin kent for his wirk wi WikiLeaks[13] an makkin public appearances aroond the warld speakin aboot freedom o the press, censorship, an investigative jurnalism.

WikiLeaks became internaitionally weel kent in 2010 when it began tae publish U.S. militar an diplomatic documents wi assistance frae its pairtners in the news media. Bradley Manning haes syne pled guilty tae suppleein the cables tae WikiLeaks. U.S. Air Force documents reportedly state that militar personnel who mak contact wi WikiLeaks or "WikiLeaks supporters" are at risk o bein chairgit wi "communicatin wi the enemy",[14] an the United States Department of Justice reportitly haes considered prosecutin Assange for several affences.[15] Durin the trial o Manning prosecutors presentit evidence that thay claim reveals that Manning an Assange collaboratit tae steal an publish U.S. militar an diplomatic documents.[16]

Syne November 2010, Assange haes been subject tae a European Arrest Warrant in response tae a Swadish police request for questioning in relation tae a sexual assault investigation. In Juin 2012, follaein feenal dismissal bi the Supreme Court o the United Kinrick o his appeal against enforcement o the European reest Warrant, Assange haes failed tae surrender tae his bail, an haes been treatit bi the UK authorities as haein absconded. Syne 19 Juin 2012, he haes been inside the Ecuadorian embassy in Lunnon, whaur he haes syne been grantit diplomatic asylum.[17][18] The Breetish govrenment intends tae extradite Assange tae Swaden unner that reest warrant ance he leaves the embassy, which Assange says he fears mey result in his subsequent extradition tae the Unitit States tae face chairges ower the diplomatic cables case.[17]

While on bail in Ingland durin 2012, Assange hostit a poleetical talk show The World Tomorrow which wis broadcast on the RT TV channel.[19][20]

Assange launched an Australie poleetical pairty cried The WikiLeaks Pairty an campaigned for a Senate seat in Victoria in the Australie federal election, 2013.[21][22] It wis later dissolved.

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