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José Ortega y Gasset

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José Ortega y Gasset
Ortega y Gasset in the 1920s
Born9 Mey 1883
Madrid, Spain
Dee'd18 October 1955(1955-10-18) (aged 72)
Madrid, Spain
Alma materVarsity o Deusto
Complutense Varsity o Madrid
Era20t-century philosophy
RegionWastren philosophy
SchuilContinental philosophy
Existential phenomenology[1]
Lebensphilosophie (philosophy o life)[1]
Neo-Kantianism (early)[1]
Main interests
History, raison, politics
Notable ideas
Metapheesics o vital raison[1]

José Ortega y Gasset (Spaingie: [xoˈse oɾˈteɣa i ɣaˈset]; 9 Mey 1883 – 18 October 1955) wis a Spainish philsopher an essayist.

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