John Hope, 7t Yerl o Hopetoun

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The Marquess o Lithgae

Lord Hopetoun 1902.jpg
1st Govrenor-General o Australie
In office
1 Januar 1901 – 17 Julie 1902
Monarch Victoria
Edward VII
Prime Meenister Edmund Barton
Precedit bi New poseetion
Succeedit bi Laird Tennyson
8t Govrenor o Victoria
In office
28 November 1889 – 12 Julue 1895
Monarch Victoria
Premier Duncan Gillies
James Munro
William Shiels
James Patterson
George Turner
Precedit bi Laird Loch
Succeedit bi Laird Brassey
Secretar for Scotland
In office
2 Februar 1905 – 4 December 1905
Prime Meenister Arthur Balfour
Precedit bi Andrew Murray
Succeedit bi John Sinclair
Personal details
Born 25 September 1860(1860-09-25)
Sooth Queensferry, Wast Lowden, Scotland
Dee'd 29 Februar 1908(1908-02-29) (aged 47)
Pau, Fraunce
Spoose(s) Hersey Eveleigh-de Moleyns
Bairns 4

John Adrian Louis Hope, 1st Marquess o Lithgae, KT, GCMG, GCVO, PC (25 September 1860 – 29 Februar 1908) wis a Breetish aristocrat an statesman that served as the first Govrenor-General o Australie, in office frae 1901 tae 1902; he wis previously Govrenor o Victoria frae 1889 tae 1895.

Poleetical offices
Precedit bi
The Laird Thurlow
Succeedit bi
The Laird Churchill
Precedit bi
Charles Seale Hayne
Succeedit bi
The Duke o Marlborough
Precedit bi
The Yerl o Lathom
Laird Chamberlain
Succeedit bi
The Earl of Clarendon
Precedit bi
Andrew Murray
Secretar for Scotland
Succeedit bi
John Sinclair
Government offices
Precedit bi
Sir Henry Loch
Govrenor o Victoria
Succeedit bi
The Laird Brassey
New office Govrenor-General o Australie
Succeedit bi
The Laird Tennyson
Peerage o the Unitit Kinrick
New creation Marquess o Lithgae
Succeedit bi
Victor Hope
Precedit bi
John Alexander Hope
Yerl o Hopetoun