Govrenor-General o Australie

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Govrenor General o Australie
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Quentin Bryce

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Style: Her Excellency
Appyntit bi: Queen Elizabeth II
as Queen o Australie
First viceroy: John Hope, 7t Earl o Hopetoun
Formation: 1 Januar 1901
Term: At Her Majesty's pleisur
Residence: Govrenment Hoose, Canberra
Admiralty Hoose, Sydney


The Govrenor-General o the Commonweel o Australie is the reprasentative in Australie at federal/naitional level o the Australien monarch (Elizabeth II the nou). He or she exercises the supreme executive pouer o the Commonweel. The functions an roles o the Govrenor-General include appointin ambassadors, meenisters an juidges, giein Ryal Assent tae legislation, issuin writs fir elections an bestowin honours. The Govrenor-General is Preses o the Federal Executive Cooncil an "Commander-in-Chief" o the Australien Defence Force. Aa they things ar done an aa they posts ar helt unner the authority o the Australien Constitution. Mair oot ower, the Govrenor-General acts as vice-regal reprasentative tae the Australien Caipital Territory.

The Constitution provides that a "Govrenor-General appyntit bi the Queen sall be Her Majesty's reprasentative in the Commonweel . . ." The Constitution grants the Govrenor-General a wide range of pouers, but in practice he or she follaes the conventions o the Wastmeenster seestem an (wi rare exceptions) acts anely on the advice o the Prime Meenister o Australie or ither meenisters. Even in the appyntment o the prime meenister, the Govrenor-General rarely exercises ony discretion, usually appyntin the leader o the lairgest pairty or coalition o pairties in the Hoose o Reprasentatives.

Ayont constitutional functions, the Govrenor-General haes a important ceremonial role. He or she travels widely ootthrou Australie tae open conferences, attend services an commemorations an generally provide encouragement tae individuals an groups that ar contributin tae thair communities. Whan travellin abreed, the govrenor-general is seen as the reprasentative o Australie, an o the Queen o Australie, an is treatit as a heid o state.

The main offeecial residence o the Govrenor-General is Govrenment Hoose, Canberra. Thare is a seicont offeecial residence, Admiralty Hoose in Sydney. Whan visitin the ither states, the Govrenor-General is usually a guest at the Govrenment Hooses in the state caipitals.

The current Govrenor-General an the first female tae haud the role is Quentin Bryce.

The Govrenor-General is supportit bi a staff heided bi the Offeecial Secretary tae the Govrenor-General; the current Offeecial Secretary is Stephen Brady.

Whan a Govrenor-General is owerseas on offeecial duties or unable tae perform thair functions, or the office is vacant, the senior state govrenor is appynted as Factor o the Commonweel, an is effectively acting Govrenor-General.