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Australian Caipital Territory

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Australie Caipital Territory
Banner o the Australian Caipital Territory
Slogan or elk-nameThe Naition's Caipital
Motto(s)For the Queen, the Law and the People
Map o Australie wi the Australie Caipital Territory hielichtit
Ither Australie states an territories
Coordinates35°27′00″S 148°58′50″E / 35.45°S 148.9806°E / -35.45; 148.9806
Caipital ceetyCanberra
GovrenmentConstitutional monarchy
 • Chief MeenisterAndrew Barr (ALP)
Australie territory 
 • Transferred tae Commonweel1911
 • Responsible govrenment1988
 • Total2,358 km² (8t)
910 sq mi
 • Laund2,280 km²
880 sq mi
 • Watter77.6 km² (3.29%)
30 sq mi
(Mairch 2016)[1]
 • Population395,200 (7t)
 • Densitie173.3/km² (1st)
448.8 /sq mi
 • Heichest pointBimberi Peak
1,912 m (6,273 ft)
 • Lawest pointMurrumbidgee River
429 m (1,407 ft)
Gross territorial product
 • Product ($m)$25,988[2] (6t)
 • Product per caipita$72,411 (2nt)
Time zone(s)UTC+10 (AEST)
Federal representation 
 • Hoose seats2/150
 • Senate seats2/76
 • PostalACT
 • ISO 3166-2AU-ACT
 • FloralRyal bluebell[3]
 • BirdGang-gang cockatoo[4]
 • ColoursBlue and gold[5]

The Australian Caipital Territory (ACT; umwhile, "The Territory for the Seat o Govrenment" an, later, the "Federal Caipital Territory") is the federal destrict in the sooth east o Australie, enclaved within New Sooth Wales. Its anerly ceety is Canberra, the caipital ceety o Australie.


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