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Sir John Cockcroft
Born 27 Mey 1897(1897-05-27)
Todmorden, Wast Yorkshire, Ingland
Died 18 September 1967(1967-09-18) (aged 70)
Cambridge, Ingland
Naitionality Unitit Kinrick
Alma mater Victoria Varsity o Manchester
Manchester Municipal College o Technology
St. John's College, Cambridge
Kent for Splittin the atom
Scientific career
Fields Pheesics
Institutions Atomic Energy Research Establishment
Thesis On phenomena occurring in the condensation of molecular streams on surfaces (1928)
Academic advisors Ernest Rutherford

Sir John Douglas Cockcroft, OM, KCB, CBE, FRS (27 Mey 1897 – 18 September 1967) wis a Breetish pheesicist wha shared the Nobel Prize in Pheesics in 1951 for splittin the atomic nucleus wi Ernest Walton, an wis instrumental in the development o nuclear pouer.