John Calvin

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John Calvin
Jean Calvin
Native nameJean Calvin
BornJehan Cauvin
10 Julie 1509(1509-07-10)
Noyon, Picardy, Fraunce
Dee'd27 Mey 1564(1564-05-27) (aged 54)
Geneva, Swisserland
ThriftPastor, author, theologian
Notable wirk(s)Institutes o the Christian Releegion
Theological work
Tradeetion or movementReformed, Calvinism

John Calvin (/ˈkælvɪn/;[1] French: Jean Calvin, pronounced [ʒɑ̃ kalvɛ̃]; born Jehan Cauvin: 10 Julie 1509 – 27 Mey 1564) wis an influential French theologian an pastor durin the Protestant Reformation. He wis a principal figur in the development o the system o Christian theology later cried Calvinism, aspects o whit include the doctrine o predestination an the absolute sovereignty o God in salvation o the human sowl frae daith an eternal damnation.

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