Joachim Murat

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Joachim Murat
Keeng o Naples
Ring 1 Aug 1808 – 19 Mey 1815
Predecessor Joseph I
Successor Ferdinand IV
Grand Duke o Berg
Ring 15 Mar 1806 – 1 Aug 1808
Predecessor Title creatit
Successor Louis I
Born 25 Mairch 1767(1767-03-25)
La Bastide-Fortunière, Lot, Fraunce
Dee'd 13 October 1815(1815-10-13) (aged 48)
Castello di Pizzo, Calabrie
Buirial Père Lachaise Seemetry,
Castello di Pizzo, Naples
Spouse Caroline Bonaparte
Issue Prince Achille Murat
Princess Marie Letizia Murat
Prince Napoleon Lucien Charles Murat
Princess Louise Julie Caroline Murat
Full name
French: Joachim-Napoléon Murat
Italian: Gioacchino-Napoleone Murat
Hoose Hoose o Murat
Faither Pierre Murat-Jordy
Mither Jeanne Loubières
Releegion Roman Catholic

Marshal o Fraunce an Grand Admiral or Admiral o Fraunce Joachim-Napoléon Murat (French pronunciation: ​[ʒoakim napoleɔ̃ myʁa] (born Joachim Murat; Italian: Gioacchino Napoleone Murat; 25 Mairch 1767 – 13 October 1815) 1st Prince Murat, wis Grand Duke o Berg frae 1806 tae 1808 an then Keeng o Naples frae 1808 tae 1815. He received his titles in pairt bi bein the brither-in-law o Napoleon Bonaparte, throu marriage tae Napoleon's youngest sister, Caroline Bonaparte. He wis notit as a darin an charismatic cavalry officer as well as a flamboyant dresser an wis kent as "the Dandy Keeng".