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Jerry Springer

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Jerry Springer in Januar 2011

Gerald Norman "Jerry" Springer (Februar 13, 1944 - Aprile 27, 2023) wis an English-born American talk show host, movie, television, radio, an stage actor. He is host for The Jerry Springer Show. He servit as Mayor of Cincinnati frae 1977 to 1978 as a Democrat.[1]

Springer wis born in Februar 13, 1944 in Highgate, London to Jewish parents frae Germany.[2] He wis raisit in London until he and his parents movit to New York Ceety in 1949. He wis the Mayor o Cincinnati frae 1977 through 1978. He wis marrit to Vicki Melton since 1973. He maist recently lived in Cincinnati, Ohio an in Chicago, Illinois.

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